About Us

Staff Wellbeing Solutions support organisations to become really great places to work by helping you to invest well in people.

Our service is unique because

  • Our services have and evidence based approach drawing on research in human and organisational behaviour and psychology    
  • Our vision is for transformative and long term impacts on individuals, organisations and society through investment in ‘people skills’
  • We really listen

Who are we?

Contact Robert directly at Robert@staffwellbeing.ie

Robert Dunne is an accredited psychotherapist with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and has a special interest in workplace wellbeing and trauma. He has over 25 years in people and programme management and has worked for many years as a trainer. Robert trained as an accountant initially and then went on to study Community Development and Applied Social Studies, he also has a Masters in Leadership and Pastoral Care. Robert runs a private therapy practice.

Robert has worked with large national organisations including Barnardos, Pobal and most recently the Church of Ireland. He is a lead member of an island wide mental health promotion initiative called MindMatters COI. Robert has been responsible for multi million euro social inclusion projects such as the Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) and he has managed large national teams.

I am incredibly fortunate to work every day with people of immense courage who look for help and open themselves to learning and growing. When this happens, even in the smallest ways, then all things are possible, new insights and a greater sense of freedom and joy.

Robert Dunne
Contact Ingrid directly at Ingrid@staffwellbeing.ie

Ingrid has over twenty years experience in developing, coordinating and managing services in the community and voluntary sector.

Restorative Justice practices are the philosophical thread weaving this experience together. As a  Restorative Justice practitioner with Mend, Ingrid creates spaces for people to hear and be heard. Ingrid supports Staff Wellbeing Solutions to consider the benefit, application and implementation of restorative options that enhance employee and organisational wellbeing.

I am a management consultant and have worked in leadership roles in non-profit sector for over 15 years, including as Coordinator of Youth Justice programmes for a national network, manager of a local Intercultural Centre, and as a lecturer in non-profit economics. For some these years have involved the loss of a colleague or family member and this has happened at at time when we are most isolated from each other because of Covid 19. The normal rituals that bring us together haven’t been possible but are still crucial. I bring over 20 years of experience of gathering people to create innovative celebrations together.

What others Say about us

Roberts person centred practice and essence, facilitates me to step out of my role and my every day,  and engage in a meaningful supportive process. The work we have done together has been central to the way I connect with my professional responsibility and within this, I was given the space time and mentorship to grow in myself at many levels. Thank you.

Lorraine McHugh -Manager of CLAY Youth Project