Workshops and strategy

Staff Wellbeing Solutions support you to develop the people in your organisation so your work environment is happier and more productive.


Staff Wellbeing Supports can provide workshops on things like stress management, resilience and wellbeing and other areas of emotional and psychological wellbeing to help you to develop and sustain the organisational culture you want so your workplace can be more joyful and productive.

Debrief and emotional support

Teams sometimes have to deal with the most emotional and challenging personnel tasks. What strategy do you have in place to deal with this? Sudden loss of a colleague, poor behaviour, supporting staff in difficulty, performance management and letting people go are some of the tasks that can drain and burn out a team. Staff Wellbeing Solutions can support your teams to process and express the emotional impact of these types of challenges.

Excellent training , will be recommending it. Very informative and enjoyable. Material was explained exceptionally well with loads of practical tips and advice.

Staff Member from Distilled- Custodians of Ireland’s three most successful internet brands,, and

Develop a Wellbeing Strategy

One off workshops in wellbeing have their place, but for wellbeing investments to be sustainable and transformative, an intentional strategy is crucial. Core to that is upskilling staff with responsibility for the care of others, managers in particular. If you don’t know what you need, we can help identify that through conversations and observation consultations.

We also offer options to support you to run better team meetings, improve your feedback skills and your capacity to have difficult conversations.

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