Staff Wellbeing Solutions deliver different levels of training, depending on your need. These can be delivered in a group format, face to face or online or sometimes in a one to one mentoring context.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Staff Wellbeing Solutions delivers courses in MI and offers follow up supports. This training is really useful to support behaviour change and for anyone with responsibility of care for others. Front line workers in the health system, guidance counsellors, teachers, managers in the corporate world, members of the clergy and many many others have learned skills through MI to work more effectively and respectfully with clients and customers and they have also learned how to put in place better boundaries and prevent stress and burnout for themselves.

At it’s most basic, MI is a conversation about change. A more formal definition is that it is a collaborative, goal-orientated style of communication with particular attention to the language of change.  It is designed to strengthen personal motivation for and commitment to a specific goal by eliciting and exploring the person’s own reasons for change within an atmosphere of acceptance and compassion. MI is a really useful tool in the caring and corporate world to support change.  

Often people in professional roles with a caring responsibility (managers, youth workers, social care workers, family support workers and clergy) are connected to people at the most intimate, traumatic and distressing time in their lives. While this is a huge privilege it is very demanding and carries potentially harmful effects for the carers health and wellbeing. The good news is that with the right supports both the quality and sustainability of the work and the wellbeing of all involved can be transformed quickly.

Robert was brilliant really engaging and had a wealth of knowledge and experience in MI. A highlight of the Graduate training programme.

Focus Ireland Graduate Trainee

Developing Managers

Staff Wellbeing Solutions trains managers in the often overlooked ‘soft skills’ which are critical to organisational success. This includes communication skills, change management, meaning in work, running team meetings and how to have difficult conversations. Staff Wellbeing Solutions specialise in this ‘soft skill’ area empowering managers to develop a dynamic, inclusive team approach and a growth mindset which saves the organisation HR hassle, money and time and creates a more positive workplace.

Training will be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organisations.

“Whatever our field of professional life, the ability to listen is foundational to maintaining and promoting good relationships.   I attended one of Robert’s seminars on listening skills for church leaders.  It was excellent.  With a gentle and winsome manner, he helped us to see the ways in which we fail to listen and the consequences of this for pastoral ministry.  We also learned a range of skills for empathetic and transformative listening.  This needs to be an essential part of any ongoing professional development programme.”

Rev Dr William Olhausen: National Coordinator for Continuing Ministerial Education in the Church of Ireland

What makes our training different?

We believe in the importance of relationships, the human experience and the soft skills needed to make these things work. Ideas are important but how people think and feel are equally if not more important. Staff Wellbeing Solutions specialise in this ‘soft skill’ area. In our experience the most effective people are the ones who listen well, relate well and care. Thankfully these are skills that can be learned.

Staff wellbeing training acknowledges and engages directly with the types of internal struggles that prevent growth and change. Our training draws from person centred, reality therapy, choice theory and motivational interviewing.

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