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Managing Anxiety

When we are anxious our nervous system which is our personal surveillance system, is on guard, asking the question “Is this safe?” Its goal is to protect us by sensing safety and risk, listening moment by moment to what is happening in and around our bodies and in the connections we have to others. This listening…
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Training Transformational Managers and Leaders (Podcast)

As we begin to emerge from the restrictions that Covid has placed on our workplaces, the world we are emerging into is a very different place. Ideas about the workplace that seemed locked in forever have been unlocked and new possibilities and opportunities have space to grow. These last eighteen months have been experienced very…
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Signs of Life

After over a year of unimaginable effort

Maybe this feeling is a good sign

The ache a reward for all the effort

One sign of being alive and healthy

Meghan and Harry

The Meghan and Harry interview exploded into our consciousness this week.  Despite telling myself that I didn’t care, I found myself watching the interview and really getting into it.  My grandmother would be proud! In truth I’m not invested at all in the survival or otherwise of the royal family in the UK but I…
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The Mature Manager

The most difficult circumstances are all opportunities for growth where creativity can flourish and what else are you on the planet for if not to grow?  To expect to live life without pain is to miss the point completely.  Pain is a necessary and unavoidable, it provides information and it is the path to growth. …
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How fear can hijack you

Where a problem exists in a team, the best course of action is generally to address that problem directly with the people involved as soon as possible.  Why then, do so many managers delay, procrastinate, avoid and generally faff around an issue instead of doing what they know needs to be done?  It’s because avoiding…
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One of the most sincere forms of respect is listening

If there’s one skill that we all can get better at, to become better leaders, entrepreneurs, social care and pastoral carers, friends, and human beings, it’s listening.  “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force…When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.” –Karl A. Menniger At the core…
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